Hiragana / Alphabet

Lettering Chopstick Rests

Enjoy Japanese Hiragana in porcelain chopstick rests. Use it during the meal or place them as ornaments. Comes in white, for a refined glossy sheen, or black, with a tactile matte finish.

Designed by Kohei Odaka

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Material / porcelain
Type / set: celebration, hospitality,
    chopstick rest, welcome,
    noisily black chopstick rest,
    black celebration, black welcome
Size / Approx. W25~50×D6~18×H25~50mm
Approx. W35~45×D6~15×H40~50mm
Number / EQ-060、EQ-061、EQ-062
Product weight / Approx. 4~15g、Approx. 4~11g
Package weight /Approx. 50~63g、Approx. 55~60g
Manufacturing facility /
NPO Total Care Center (Grace Kobo)