Card Pockets

Crinkle-folded Card Holder

The origami-style shape of the holder allows you to fold it out so you can see all your cards at once. It is made from highly dense polyethylene which has features of paper-like lightness and flexibility, and the holder compacts so that all your cards are neatly together. There are three illustrations created by designers with disabilities who are supported by the welfare institution. This product can store up to 8 cards.

Designed by Mina Kobayashi
Takashi Maeda, Toshihisa Noguchi, Yoshihiro Sekine

¥1,500 ( tax inc.¥1,650 )

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Material / polyethylene, natural rubber, rayon
Type / black, colorful, gray
Size / Approx. W92×D62×H12mm
Number / EQ-190
Product weight / Approx. 10g
Package weight /Approx. 12g
Manufacturing facility /
NPO corporate community works (Regional workshop hana)