Cord Holder

Leather Cord Holder

Organize your cables with this simple yet stylish cord holder. The slits are specially sized to stop the ends of cables dropping through, while allowing plenty of space to avoid snagging. Comes with Small (earphones etc.) and Medium-sized holes. Medium size features two adjustable buttons.

¥1,000 ( tax inc.¥1,100 )

¥1,500 ( tax inc.¥1,650 )

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Material / cowhide, brass (free nickel plating)
Type / black, natural
Size / Approx. W30×D36×H11mm
   Approx. W40×D54×H14mm
Number / EQ-160-S, EQ-160-M
Product weight / Approx. 5g、Approx. 9g
Package weight /Approx. 13g、Approx. 17g
Manufacturing facility /
NPO corporate community works
(Regional workshop hana)