Natural Diffuser Oil

Oil for My Diffuser

Original blended for equalto. Please use it for My Diffuser.

Manufactured by Chara Innovate

¥800 ( tax inc.¥880 )

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Type / night, floral, citrus, herbal
Main ingredient / perfume, alcohol
Capacity / 10ml
Item No. / EQ-111
Product weight / Approx. 39g

bitter sensation and lavender scent Recommendation Usage: 1 day I want to relax the tiredness of the night and at night. Blend (effect): Orange suite (effect to lighten up the mood), Mandarin (work to calm the sympathetic nerve), lavender (relax tension, relax effect), Amirisuwood (relax stress)

calm and gentle floral Aroma Recommendation Usage: When you feel relieved and want to relax tension. Blending (effect): lavender (relax tension, relax effect), geranium (relieve stress), orange suite (lightening mood)

refreshing citrus fruit smell Recommendation method: bright and lively I want to be healthy Sometimes. Blend (effect): Orange suite (brightening effect), lemon (refreshing, perfect for a change of pace), grapefruit (relaxing mental fatigue)

a pleasant green aroma Recommended Usage: Refresh, Positive When I want to become. Blend (effect): Orange suite (lightening effect), geranium (relieving stress), lemon (refreshing, suitable for a change of pace)