We recognize the importance of personal information protection. In addition to establishing our personal information protection policies, our entire company endeavors to protect said personal information in an appropriate manner.
As described below, we regulate and implement education, training, inspections, etc. as a means of effectively implementing our fundamental principles and management methods regarding personal information collection and usage.


■Basic principles regarding personal information collection, usage, provision, etc.

1) When directly collecting personal information, the consent of the parties concerned will first be acquired via legal and fair means.
2) Collection and usage objectives will be clearly stated, and collection will not exceed the scope of said usage objectives.
3) Highly sensitive information that could potentially infinge on personal interests will not be collected unless accompanied by either the clear consent of the concerned parties or the support of laws and/or legal ordinances.
4) In the case of Takenaka Co., Ltd. entrusting an external party or being entrusted by an external party with operations that accompany personal information processing, stipulations regarding personal information confidentiality maintenance, matters relating to re-entrustment, the sharing of responsibilites in the occurrence of an accident or incident, the return or erasure of personal information upon contract termination, etc. shall be followed.
5) Use and provision of personal information shall be performed within the scope for which the consent of the parties concerned has been acquired.


■Personal information management

1) Measures will be taken to maintain the proper state of, as well as prevent, any improper access, loss, destruction, falsification or disclosure of personal information that has either been directly collected by the company, or has been acquired in operations entrusted to the company by an external party.
2) When being entrusted by an external party with operations accompanying personal information processing, verification shall be made showing that when the entrusting party acquired the personal information, it did so via legal and fair means after having first obtained the consent of the parties concerned.


■Laws, ordinances, and standards

The company will adhere to the laws, ordinances, and standards of Japan concerning personal information protection, and will endeavor to continually improve this policy.


■Continual improvement of compliance program

In addition to establishing and implementing a compliance program concerning personal information protection, the company will endeavor to continually improve said program.


■Inquiries from parties concerned

Inquiries from relating to personal information handling will be promptly responded to.

For questions concerning this page’s content, or should a customer wish to make a confirmation regarding their personal information, please call TEL: 03-6451-7345.

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