Bath Melt
shea & cacao butter

Skin-friendly bath salts (bath bomb), enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter

Our formula will leave your skin moisturized without feeling greasy, and creates the perfect amount of bubbles. Made with natural protective ingredients that are even suitable for children with sensitive skin. A bath salt (bath bomb) with a gentle fragrance for a blissful bath.

Advisor : Yuko Shinohara (Handmade cosmetic researcher)

¥700 ( tax inc.¥770 )

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Material / sodium hydrogen carbonate, citric acid, cornstarch, cacao butter, shea butter, fragrance, other
Type / lemon, rose, vanilla
Size / Approx. ∅35×H40mm
Number / EQ-180
Product weight / Approx. 40g
Package weight /Approx. 45g
Manufacturing facility /
Linkline Co., Ltd.